Today’s Schedule

Thank you all for your excellent proposals! We’ve put together a mostly-one-track session.

Note: Because we are going on a single track, the time points are estimates. If conversation dies, let’s break for 15 and move on. If it’s going strong, however, we can extend another 15.

Vote with your feet! If a session doesn’t work, feel free to take a pause at the round tables, or do your own breakout/new session at a round table.


Option A: ICA Fieldtrip
Option B: Digital Storytelling (303/Big Screen)


Lunch & Dork Shorts (303/Round Tables)


Ethics, Authority, Consent, Respect, Legitimacy (303/Big Screen)


Oral History, HIV & Culture (303/Big Screen)


Richmond as Place, Black Richmond, and Gentrification (303/Big Screen)


Wrap Up / Show & Tell (303/Big Screen)

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